Meeting Ellery

Born and raised on the island of Guam, Ellery was immersed into the musical world at a very young age. Spending many of her early years listening to disco, pop, rock, and island music, Ellery has created her own unique sound that has been described as “happy and upbeat sounding but with a lyrics that make you really think.” Her bright voice, ukulele skills, and honest lyrics have garnered her recognition in the Guam music scene and have secured her as the opening act for R&B singer Brian McKnight.

Ellery’s introduction to music began with her father, Greg Sablan, drummer of the late 80s progressive metal band “Blackstorm” and Guam bands “Rumblefish,” “JUG,” “Metal Daze,” “Core,” and more. From performing for her family with nothing but a mic and karaoke tracks at the age of 4 to becoming a prominent soloist in her school’s elementary, middle, and high school choirs, she made the decision to dedicate her life to music. Ellery has gone on to creating and releasing her first EP Backwards California (2019). The EP explores a wide variety of musical styles and discusses topics of overcoming anxiety (“Breaking the Cycle”) and depression (“Birdie Bye Bye”), as well as featuring a more personal narrative about growing up (“Backwards California”). Ellery premiered the EP at the famous House of Blues in Anaheim in April 2019. She debuted songs from her EP as an opening act for famous R&B singer Brian McKnight on August 17th, 2019. 

Ellery is a recent graduate from Biola University and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Commercial Music. She is currently searching for a job in the California music scene and is planning to create a debut album for 2020.

 You can follow her journey by following her on Facebook or Instagram.